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Xerox Centreware Web

Xerox CentreWare® Web 5.8 is a productivity tool designed to help you manage and monitor multifunction printers (MFPs) and printers on your network. It provides a broad range of tools and features to accomplish this.

It gives you a browser window on virtually all of your networked printers and multifunction devices across your enterprise. From here you can manage installations, configuration settings, run reporting and diagnostics – even perform break/fix actions.

Improve ROI on printing devices and reduce IT administration burdens.

New capabilities of CentreWare Web make it easy to setup and allow printers to be managed in groups with access controls.

The advanced capabilities of Xerox® Centreware® Web make it easy to intelligently manage print devices from a single powerful interface.

Discover output devices with ease.

CentreWare Web gives IT managers the ability to find and manage printers and multifunction devices in the enterprise, whether they’re networked or locally connected. It supports both Xerox and non-Xerox devices, so it’s the ideal all-in-one tool to intelligently manage today’s multi-vendor device environments.

Easily and securely discover multiple Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) v3 devices one step. In addition, the administrator can run a scheduled discovery or import a list of devices to be added to CentreWare Web. The adminstrator can also perform a quick discovery by simply entering in the IP Address of the device and best of all, CentreWare Web can automatically detect any newly added SNMPv3 device on the network

Work efficiently with one-stop administration.

CentreWare Web setup and basic installation wizards make it easy to manage configurations centrally. You can automatically configure firmware upgrades to be run on specific groups of devices, during low network traffic hours and receive confirmations once upgrades are configured. The tool’s intuitive interface makes it simple to configure even advanced features, with an extensive built-in help system and powerful customization tools.

It’s easy to install purchased options such as McAfee® Integrity Control on devices from a central location by simply uploading the feature key file and deploying to a single device or a fleet of devices through configuration sets. This feature works on models that support the upload of a feature key.

Remotely troubleshoot and quickly resolve issues

Xerox® CentreWare® Web makes it easy to perform troubleshooting routines on remote devices that are in an error state. You can troubleshoot individual devices or query and test a group of devices at the same time with detailed feedback and the ability to send test pages from the remote web console. At a more detailed level, the tool can evaluate a device problem and provide time-coded status updates along with an assessment of the skill level needed to solve the problem. Administrators can also review documents currently in the print queue and enable error traps to provide even more detail about the problem.

Secure role based access controls.

CentreWare Web’s support for standards-based security protocols such as HTTPs and Windowsbased authentication helps you quickly integrate the tool into your existing security systems.

New capabilities of CentreWare Web make it easy to setup and allow printers to be managed in groups with access controls. Role-based administrator controls can be used to limit access for remote administrators and control the ability to run or modify configuration sets or reports.

An administrator can also setup security levels, determine whether email alerts are configured, if a server is registered, and if the device is registered with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) server.

Gain insight with comprehensive reporting.

CentreWare Web offers an extensive array of customizable reports, including assets, usage, alert history and network accounting. You can schedule automated reporting of individual printers, or groups of printers, as well as easily export selected reports. The reporting system helps you take control of color output costs as well, by enabling you to track color and black-and-white usage separately.

Supplies reports allow you to check supplies before the device triggers an alert that the supply is low. You can register eligible devices with Xerox® Remote Services and enable automated supplies reordering for even more convenience and hands-off administration.

Reduce IT costs with proactive remote monitoring.

You can minimize the impact of outages on employees and the helpdesk by configuring CentreWare Web to alert IT managers of potential device issues before they can become problems. The tool can send email alerts warning of low consumable levels and device errors such as fuser or drum malfunctions. This means fewer helpdesk or service calls and increased IT staff productivity

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